Veterans & Seniors Bankruptcy Lawyer Marietta

At Cohen Law Office, LLC, we are dedicated to serving the veterans and the elderly of Georgia. If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, let the Marietta bankruptcy attorneys at Cohen Law Office, LLC help alleviate the worry and stress you are experiencing. We want to guide you through the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy gives veterans and seniors a chance to start fresh with their finances. Bankruptcy forgives debts that you are unable to pay while offering creditors a chance to receive some form of repayment based on the assets that are available. Many elderly individuals are hesitant about filing for bankruptcy because they are embarrassed. There is no reason to be embarrassed about filing for bankruptcy in Marietta. In Georgia, the law allows individuals to file for bankruptcy to clear away their debts. Veterans have devoted and sacrificed so much for their country, and at Cohen Law Office LLC, we want to devote our time to your case. If you need a fresh start for your finances, then filing for bankruptcy may be the best option for you. Contact a Marietta bankruptcy attorney today.

Bankruptcy Attorney for Veterans in Atlanta, GA

Bankruptcy provides seniors and veterans relief from debt. There are two different types of bankruptcy available to you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as the “fresh start” or liquidation form of bankruptcy. If a senior or veteran files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Georgia, the debtor surrenders all non-exempt assets to the Trustee so the Trustee can sell the assets. A Trustee is an individual appointed by the bankruptcy court to supervise the affairs of an individual who is in bankruptcy. Once the assets are sold, the Trustee distributes the proceeds to the creditors, and in return, the Debtor receives a discharge of most or all unsecured debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as the “debt consolidation plan”. Veterans and seniors who file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy repay their debts in accordance with a court designed repayment plan. If filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest, contact a Hiram bankruptcy lawyer today.

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Bankruptcy is the best solution for many seniors and veterans who are trying to get their financial life back on track. Filing for bankruptcy in Atlanta can help you keep your home, keep creditors from harassing you, and allow you to have a fresh financial start. Filing for bankruptcy in Georgia may be the most responsible decision you can make. Do not let yourself continue to drown in debt. Contact an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney today and learn about your options. If you are a veteran or a senior in need of clearing away your debts, let the Marietta bankruptcy attorneys at Almand & Cohen help you.