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Consult an Atlanta real estate attorney at one of our three Atlanta area offices and let us guide you through the steps of a real estate closing.

Whether You Are a Buyer or a Seller, a Metro Atlanta Real Estate Lawyer at Cohen Law Office, LLC Will Review Your Contract

A real estate closing or settlement is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. Cohen Law Office, LLC provides closing and settlement services for sellers and buyers in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Whether you are a buyer or seller, if you are purchasing property in the metro Atlanta area, it is best to have an experienced Cohen Law Office, LLC Atlanta real estate lawyer review your contract. Buyers and sellers both need to provide several documents in order to have a successful real estate closing. A real estate buyer will need to provide homeowner’s insurance, documentation requested by the lender, and you may need to order a survey. Sellers will need a valid photo identification card, payoff information for any outstanding loans/mortgages, and any other documentation that a real estate attorney requests. The steps involved in a real estate closing can be confusing and time consuming.

Don’t make a foolish mistake or overlook an important clause. Consulting with an attorney who will take the time to carefully review and assess your paperwork protects your interests and gives you peace of mind. A Cohen Law Office, LLC Hiram real estate lawyer will review your financial statements as well. Contracts are binding. Know what your rights and responsibilities are. Don’t rely on others to thoroughly explain clauses that might not be in your best interest.

Confused by Closing Costs? Hiram Real Estate Attorneys Will Make Your Closing Less Stressful

Having trouble understanding the details of your Good Faith Estimates or closing costs? Allow our Atlanta, Hiram, and Marietta real estate closing attorneys to make your real estate closing a less stressful experience by offering you a full explanation of each charge. Oftentimes, we save our clients money by directing them to service providers who charge less. Our Hiram real estate attorneys at Cohen Law Office, LLC will answer your questions regarding title policies, title insurance costs, deeds, and zoning, as well as any other real estate questions you need answered.

Real Estate Closing Information from a Real Estate Closing Lawyer in Hiram

Cohen Law Office, LLC closing lawyers want to make your real estate closing as smooth as possible. Many unexpected setbacks may come up during a closing. From Government land disputes to foreclosure negotiations, we have the experience needed to protect your rights. Do not try to handle all of these obstacles on your own. Contact our Marietta real estate attorneys today. We are dedicated to helping you.

Real Estate Closing Information

Whether you are involved in a multi-million dollar real estate deal or if you are purchasing a family home in the greater Atlanta area, a Cohen Law Office, LLC real estate closing lawyer in Hiram will protect your interests, which can save you headaches and money in the future.

For all your commercial and residential Real Estate concerns, contact Cohen Law Office, LLC in Hiram Georgia today.