Real Estate Closing Information

Real Estate Agent’s Notes

Items to Provide Before the Closing:

  • A fully executed contract including all amendments
  • Lender contact information
  • Buyer/seller contact information
  • Copy of the termite report
  • Homeowner association contact information
  • The seller’s payoff information for any outstanding mortgages (seller’s social security number, loan number, and lender contact)
  • Order survey for purchaser
  • Order home warranty and provide to law office
  • Repair bills to be presented to the lender for approval for all items on the settlement statement
  • Commission agreement/instructions to the closing attorney

Items to Bring to the Closing:

  • Original fully executed contract including all amendments
  • Original termite report
  • Home warranty confirmation
  • Earnest money reimbursement if ernest money exceeds commission
  • Copies of any repair bills