Need Georgia Real Estate Closing Information? An Experienced, Skilled Hiram Real Estate Lawyer has answers

Georgia real estate closings can be confusing. When problems crop up, turn to an experienced, skilled Hiram real estate lawyer for answers. Commercial property closings can be particularly challenging even for the seasoned buyer. Many first time home buyers don’t even know where to begin. The list of needed documents varies from lender to lender and some items may be difficult to locate, such as a survey of the property. Whether it is drafting or reviewing purchase agreements, property line disputes, or partitions, a Cohen Law Office Georgia attorney guides clients through every step of the closing process, including obtaining homeowner’s title insurance.

A Hiram Real Estate Closing Attorney Explains the Importance of Owner’s Title Insurance

What is the importance of buying an owner’s title insurance policy at the time of a real estate closing? A Cohen Law Office real estate closing attorney says the first and foremost reason is peace of mind. Homeowner’s Title Insurance is an insurance policy available for purchase at the time of closing. The policy protects the new homeowner’s equity from title claims against the property. Some common claims include but are not limited to:

  • Misfiled deeds
  • Deeds filed during the gap period
  • Forged deeds in the chain of title
  • Mechanic liens filed after the title exam
  • Outstanding property taxes

For most people, a real estate purchase is one of their biggest and most important investments. Don’t risk losing title to your property by overlooking the safeguard a title insurance policy offers. Call one of our well-respected and skilled metro-Atlanta area lawyers today.

Contact a Hiram Title Insurance Attorney to Avoid Common Closing Pitfalls

Title insurance also protects against zoning, right of way, and land use restrictions in some cases, as well as Native American tribal disputes. AnCohen Law Office Hiram title insurance attorney protects clients from these and other common closing pitfalls.

Other questions and answers regarding owner’s title insurance:

1. Why do I have to purchase a title policy if I already purchased one for my lender?
The lender’s title insurance policy only protects the lender against title claims and does not protect the homeowner and any equity in the property.

2. Why do I need to purchase a title policy if the law firm already checked the title and records with the clerk of the court?
The clerk of the superior court records are not up to date and/or current. The law firm is only responsible for any items filed of record on the date of the exam. In addition, the real estate attorneys and the law firm cannot be responsible for any misfiled or forged deeds.

3. How much does title insurance cost?
The homeowner’s policy is issued at a discounted rate if purchased simultaneous with the lender’s title insurance policy. The cost varies according to sales price so you will need to call the law firm of your Marietta real estate attorney to determine the cost for your purchase.

Protect your rights and interests. Contact a commercial and residential real estate attorney in Georgia at Cohen Law Office, LLC for the peace of mind that comes with title insurance that protects the purchaser, not just the lender.