Real Estate Closing Information

A Hiram Real Estate Closing Attorney Protects Clients and Offers Solid Georgia Real Estate Closing Information

Georgia real estate purchases and sales require careful attention to detail and thorough documentation. Without it, your investment is at risk, but ensuring all work is done correctly may prove to be challenging. Retaining a skilled area Atlanta real estate attorney streamlines the process. At your side and armed with the experience and knowledge needed to represent your lender and mortgage broker documentation before, during, and after your Georgia real estate closing, a Hiram real estate closing attorney at Cohen Law Office, LLC has your best interests at the forefront. Because of our years of experience in Real Estate practice, we’ve developed a streamlined process that ensures accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

Items to Provide Before the Closing:

  • Schedule the closing date and time
  • Title order
  • Fully executed contract, including all amendments
  • Mortgage clause for the title commitment
  • Name of lender for the title commitment
  • Type and number of loans being obtained by the buyer (FHA, conventional, VA)
  • Loan amount
  • Contact information for the loan processor/closer
  • Is a survey required?
  • Is a termite report required?
  • Good faith estimate/preliminary closings instructions

Hiram Real Estate Lawyers Who Work With You, Your Lender, or Mortgage Broker

 Once your title exam is received, we proceed quickly to the next step: title commitment. A Cohen Law Office closing attorney will gather relevant documents, title binders, and lender required Closing Protection Letter (CPL), which verifies the title insurer’s commitment to protection against negligence, fraud, and human error on the part of the closing agent. Worried that a change of lender or mortgage amount will slow or void the real estate transaction? The Hiram real estate lawyers at Cohen Law Office work with you, your lender or mortgage broker to make sure the transition proceeds as smooth as possible and potential changes in the settlement statement meet all requirements. We also evaluate and present short sales offers to lenders and are equally adept at representing client interests during “like-kind” or 1031 Exchanges.

Contact the Real Estate Attorneys in Atlanta Who Deliver Successful Closing Settlements

Cohen Law Office, LLC real estate closing attorneys in Atlanta are flexible and tailor your real estate closing to meet your particular requirements. While we prefer to have all parties present at closing, we will accommodate individual needs with use of Power of Attorney or remote closing, subject to Lender approval. Occasionally, the need for a Double Closing, a purchase and immediate resale of a property, arises. Metro-Atlanta title insurance lawyers at Cohen Law Office, LLC are experienced in the proper approach, ensuring clients that each transaction stands on its own and is not tied in any way to the other. We understand the importance of timing as well as the need for pinpoint accuracy. Contact the Hiram real estate attorneys who are well-respected by purchasers, sellers, lenders, and mortgage brokers alike and known as professionals who deliver successful closing settlements.